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Come back to this folder for more variants; different color palettes, textures, art styles, and so on, to better suit diverse home decor needs.__________- ...... ____________ .... Variance Collections is a service offered to designers (home, commercial and tv/film). There is always many variants from a same image (art or photograph), so it can meet specific needs. - I take requests. Please send me message if needed. I also offer exclusive artwork. Most of all my art is from me from photography through digital art, and also ytraditional art (paintings and drawings). Sometimes, I use some public domain images or bought images. All creations are made by me, and original. All Rights reserved - Copyrighted protected. . Contact: variancecollections[@] . My own artist account -->

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--SOLD-- 1-2-3 Bottles 22 3 Egrets - Les 3 Herons A Maze Zing Abstract Floral Abstract Swell Abstractionnel Abstractitude Abstracture Abstrakto Albero ALL - Abstract ALL - Flora ALL - Geomix ALL - Still Life ALL - With TEXT- Words Or Quotes All About Dots All Kitchen Decor ALL---Square Format ALL-Animal Arbrabstract Arbre De Reve Arbrensens ArchiTec Art En Blanc Ascension Attachement Auto-Fun Avant Les Flocons Be-Leaf Beaute Des Champs Bi Bird Nest Art Birdeeze Birdies BLACK Blobs BLUE Blue Butterfly And Etcetera Blue Jeans Art Bouton D-Or BROWN - BEIGE Bubble Tree Bubbling Bubbling Bubbles Butterfly And Daisy Art Butterfly Art By Aimelle Campagnard - Rustic Ceci Et Cela Celebrate Celebration Cellules - Cells Chameleon Champs De Marguerites Circles From Nature Cladis Clafoutis D Emotions Classical Bouquet Classico Clowning On Umbrellas Colimacon Composix Contrario Coq Creator's Favorites Daisies ... Again Daisies Design Daising Daisy Fun Daisy Mandala Daisy Quatro Daisy-Pattern Mandakal Daisyday Daisynette Dancing In The Wind - 01- 02 Deploiement Dio Dog And Frog Dog Personalities Doucereuse Dreamland Duet Duo Daisies Eau De Vie Effeuillantine Elefanterie Elefantos Emerging Beauties Epi-nette Estillo Estillo Vase Etourdissement Expression Fafa Bird Feuilleton De Nature Flanelle Fleurelle Fleurina Fleurina 02 Floral Fiesta Floral Renaissance Floralart Floralis Floralities Floralitou Floro Florus Pokus Flowersun Fluffly Sun For A Moment Forget Me Not - 04 Forget Me Not 01 Forget Me Not 02 Forget Me Not 03 Formes Formes Lascives Foulee De Petales French Still Life Geometric Gymnastic Geomix 01 Geomix 02 Geomix 03 Geomix 04 Geomix 05 Geomix 07 Geomix 12 Geomix 14 Geomox GeoVase Gerberie Globulo Grass Abstract GREEN GREY - GRAY Half Sun Happiness Is In The Meadows Happy Rainy Days Horso Imagine Imagine ... Believe It Immobility Immobility Imperfect Daisy Beauty Inboxed Industrial Abstract Industrial Design Innocence Kal Klimtolli L Arbre De Vie L Elancee L Epi L.O.V.E. Design Series La Bella La Marguerite La Ronde Des Marguerites Languettes 02 Late October - Diptych Lavandines 02 Le Centre D Attention Le Clan Des 5 Le Papillon - The Butterfly Le Reveil Leaf Life Leaves Rhapsody Lezardin Lily My Lovely Lines And Circles Linus Live N Love Lobster Love Quatro Love Tree Love-Art Lubi Luminis Lutgarde's Bird Lyrical Tree Ma Marguerite Mandakal Series Marylin Monroe Minima Modern Floral Modern From Classic Art Portrait 01 Momentum Momzie's Nature Mondo Mondrianity Most Popular Of All Motif-Art Moto-Art Multi Home Decor 01 MULTICOLOR Musical Abstract Series Musikalis NAME Customizable Naturaleaves Nature Morte Du Moment 01 Nature Vibe Mandala Neigerelle Not Only Some Other Autumn Trees Oiselot ONE One Daisy ORANGE Ovalio Owl Design Paris Parsi-Parla Patent Vintage Pavot Peace Symbol Design Penchant Naturel Petales De Soleil Petalia Petaline Piano Fun PINK Plouk Plumeria Pomme D Api 01 Pompon Poppies Fun Portrait In Black Pot Of Daisies Pot Of Daisies 02 Pretty Bouquet Psychedelik PURPLE Quatro Floral Rainbolo Rays Of Joy Rectangulism RED Reve De Papillon Revelation Reveries Du Moment Romantiquite Romantism Rondo Floral Rose En Variation Sail Sail Sail Away Sans Nom Scurves - Still Life Sea Boat Series - Complete Collection Sea Plate Sheep Or Not So Silence To Chaos Skouarios Skouarioz Smell Life Snail Story Sophisticated Sphere Florale Stillus Liffus Stimuli Floral Stone Men Series Summer 2014 Summer Joy Tam-tam Djembe Tea Time The Bird The Camera The Doors The Giant Butterfly And The Moon The House Next Door - La Maison D'a Cote The Key The Meadow Tree The Sofa Chair The Star Of The Forest The Three Trees This Is Not Just Another Flower Tree Art 03 Tree Journey Trefle En Solo Triflorus Triloli Kitchen Decor Triolet Floral Triploflo Tubulence Tulip N Text Urban Artan Variation Sur Un Meme Theme Vintage Fashion Mannequins Violinelle Wild Still Life Wrapped Beauties Xposed YELLOW-n-Gold Zebra Art